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SEAD Academy 2019: Days 4&5

SEAD Academy’s Smart Home competition is wrapping up with final home details and presentation preparation.

Thursday, our students were busy wiring the electronics within their homes, we are amazed with these young engineer’s work as they apply math, engineering, and electrical skills to spruce up their Smart Homes.

Along with these skills, students also had the opportunity to learn about agriculture and how to apply Smart Farming techniques to their homes. Our guest speaker, Brady Grimes, lead the students through a hands on experience on smart agriculture, vertical farming, and aquaponics which the students then added as an element to their Smart Homes.

Friday was filled with the final stages of building and practicing for each team’s Smart Home demonstration. Parents then arrived for the big moment where our students gathered up their homes, set them up for display, and awaited their time to share about each project.

Through out the presentation, students shared the many features their Smart Home had to offer. This included color changing lights, automated front doors, and even a zip line- safe to say these students had a blast! We were so lucky to work alongside these young engineers this week, and we look forward to next year’s SEAD Academy.