About SEAD Academy

SEAD Academy

SEAD Academy is a community and economic development project by Advent GX that develops immersive, interdisciplinary programs and classes for learners of all ages. Through these classes, Advent GX seeks to encourage innovation and promote the discovery of new ways to understand and positively impact our communities and our world.

SEAD Network

The name SEAD is inspired by the work of the Network for Science, Engineering, Art and Design, which facilitates research, dialogue, and communication among those working in these disciplines. To learn more about how innovations emerging from the intersection of the sciences, engineering, arts and design are transforming our economy, culture, and learning contexts, visit the SEAD Network website and subscribe to our blog to stay involved.

SEAD Summer Classes

Every summer, SEAD Academy partners with some of our community’s finest instructors to create fun and engaging courses for students ages 6-18. The goal of SEAD Academy Summer program is to inspire students to become life-long, self-learners that are equipped to lead, producing lasting change in their community.

We believe that many of today’s students have lost the multidisciplinary experiences that are vital to sharpening problem solving skills and sparking creativity. Additionally, many students are intimidated by their perception of science and engineering. By pairing subjects that are notoriously unapproachable with art and design through immersive activities, it is our experience that participants develop interest, and gain confidence in subjects they previously considered out of reach.

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