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Week Five- All About That Glass

This past week, we had such a blast learning about all things glass!

Day 1 we did introductions. With six fresh faces, we played a little get-to-know-you game to learn each others names. After that, we talked about our schedule for the week. We did a brief history on different types of glass, watched a few interesting videos, and then took a field trip to St. Andrew’s Church across the street to take a peek at the stained windows- which we learned were made in the early 1900’s! How cool?! Once we got back to the classroom, we started working on our first project. We used very fine glass to design a candy dish! Day 2 we learned about aboriginal dot art. After the break, we sketched and created our own. On day 3, we received a little bit of history on mosaics. After that, we spent the remainder of the class designing, cutting, and creating our mosaics. On day 4 we made jewelry. We learned a little bit about the creation of jewelry and watched a few informative videos on it. On Friday, we copper etching, and blow torch jewelry making. After the break, we used grout to set our mosaics for us to take home.

Thank you so much, again, Debbie Jasek for coming this week and teaching our kiddos about all things glass!


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